Traveller Services

Regardless of if you are an experienced business traveller or not, there are various traveller services we provide to give you the confidence that the business travel itinerary for your journey is accurate and up-to-date. Our traveller services have been designed using feed back from existing customers to ensure the customer service we provide is timely, accurate and efficient.

Our Services for travellers

  • TMS Rewards

  • My Preferences

  • Itinerary Updates

  • Lone Traveller Welfare


TMS Rewards

Travel Management Solutions offer regular users membership to our award scheme.  Points are accumulated during the year and then converted into credit for future bookings. We also offer the option of offering these credits as a cash donation to a charity of your choice.

My Preferences

Whether it’s a preference for a particular hotel or restaurant for meetings, or a window seat on a train reservation to having a fresh jug of iced water in the room on arrival, we understand that it’s the small things that count when it comes to delivering great customer service. The “My Preferences” functionality built into our systems, allow us to build up a traveller’s profile using service questionnaires or simply by analysing feed back from past travel requirements to ensure that a business traveller’s preferences are met whenever possible.

Itinerary Updates 

Travel arrangements can be complex, and all to often changes are made to plans. It’s essential that the traveller is made aware of any updates and has an up-to-date itinerary available for reference. Each change to travel plans is meticulously logged for audit purposes, with updates being cascaded to all stakeholders including the traveller themselves.

Lone Traveller Welfare

Lone Traveller Welfare should be a critical part of a business’ plans for it’s lone worker protection plans.  Many business staff travel alone which means it’s vital for contact to be maintained with them to ensure a company’s legal responsibilities for staff safety are met. Travel Management Solutions offer flexible Lone Traveller Welfare services to ensure contact is made with lone business travellers and that a full auditable trail of this is made.

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