Managed Taxi Services

Managed Taxi Services

Whether you are an individual, small business or large corporation, Travel Management Solutions can supply the very best in efficient, reliable and fully vetted managed taxi services throughout the United Kingdom at any time of day or  night.

Travel Management Solutions maintain a database of thousands of taxi operators throughout the UK. Each is regularly vetted and referenced with local authorities to ensure the highest of standards.  We are unique in the travel industry in being able to source taxi operators directly rather than through a 3rd party.


Regular or emergency staff or passenger movements

Well rested staff are essential to the safe and efficient running of any business, particularly in the transportation industry where tight schedules demand smooth and efficient  timings.

Corporate Clients

Pre-booked taxi services can be easily arranged to meet visiting clients or staff leaving them able to relax without the hassle of trying to negotiate their way around unfamiliar surroundings such as airports or train stations.

Wheelchair Accessible Taxi Transport

Travel Management Solutions is committed to providing managed taxi services for the disabled and this is an integral part of our capability.

By booking your taxis through Travel Management Solutions you’ll be able to take advantage of a number of business travel management benefits that reduce time, provide procurement substantial costs savings whilst also enjoying  a high level of customer service.

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